Anuario de Psicología Jurídica Anuario de Psicología Jurídica
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Vol. 26. Num. 1.
Pages 1-142

The Anuario de Psicología Jurídica is a multidisciplinary scientific-professional journal that accepts original unpublished manuscripts in Spanish and English. The articles should be related with subjects in the area of Legal Psychology in which the dual psychological and legal perspective is contemplated. They should be empirical contributions on basic or applied research within the legal psychology setting. The activities described in the works published should follow the professional Ethical and Deontology guidelines.

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Vol. 26. Num. 1. 2016 Pages 1-142
Monograph on violent behaviour assessment (Manuscript in Spanish)
Jose Manuel Muñoz, Antonio L. Manzanero
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 1
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Crime scene's violence in intimate partner homicides (Manuscript in Spanish)
Alba Company, Miguel Ángel Soria
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 13-8
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Etiology, prevention, and treatment of sexual crimes (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ana Martínez-Catena, Santiago Redondo
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 19-29
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Assessment of sexual interest towards children (Manuscript in Spanish)
Óscar Herrero, Laura Negredo
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 30-40
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Psychopathic traits in childhood and adolescence: Assessment and implications in a prospective study (Manuscript in Spanish)
Estrella Romero, Pantelis Kapralos, Xosé Antón Gómez-Fraguela
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 51-9
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Neurobiology of aggression and violence (Manuscript in Spanish)
Joaquín Ortega-Escobar, Miguel Ángel Alcázar-Córcoles
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 60-9
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PDF [English versión]
Violence and schizophrenia: A forensic clinical analysis (Manuscript in Spanish)
Enrique Esbec, Enrique Echeburúa
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 70-9
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Psychopathological characteristics in prisoners from Socabaya Penitentiary, Arequipa (Peru) (Manuscript in Spanish)
Walter L. Arias, Fiorela R. Canales, Nelani L. De la Torre
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 80-7
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Distorted cognitive processes in aggressive and antisocial behavior in adolescents (Manuscript in Spanish)
David Roncero, José M. Andreu, M. Elena Peña
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 88-101
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Security/insecurity diagnostic. An exploratory study in an urban community (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ana Sani, Laura M. Nunes
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 102-6
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Contrast effect on the perception of the severity of a criminal offence
Gabriel Rodríguez, Sara Blanco
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 107-13
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The culture of honor as the best explanation for the high rates of criminal homicide in Pernambuco: A comparative study with 160 convicts and non-convicts
Monica Gomes Teixeira Campello de Souza, Bruno Campello de Souza, Wofgang Bilsky, Antonio Roazzi
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 114-21
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Dying and killing for a group or for values. Strategies to avoid, reduce, and/or eradicate extremist group behavior (Manuscript in Spanish)
Ángel Gómez, Lucía López-Rodríguez, Alexandra Vázquez, Borja Paredes, Mercedes Martínez
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 122-9
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Psychological assessment of the risk of violence: Scope and limitations for its use in the forensic setting (Manuscript in Spanish)
José Manuel Muñoz Vicente, Juan José López-Ossorio
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 130-40
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In memoriam: Odette Terol Levy (Manuscript in Spanish)
José Manuel Muñoz, María Yela, Mónica Pereira, Antonio L. Manzanero, José Sánchez, Lucía Halty, Laura González, Inmaculada Montes, María J. Pérez, José L. González
Anuario de Psicolog��a Jur��dica 26 (2016) 141
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